About Our Food Manufacturing,
History, and Capabilities

How long has At Last! been in business?

At Last! was founded in 1991 by Ray Chamberlain and Janet Barnes, just two people who loved soups.

Who owns At Last!?

One of our favorite questions! Ray and Janet still do, and they still love being a part of the business they started over 15 years ago. There arent many things done or decisions made at At Last! without Ray and Janets input; and thats the way we like it, theyre the experts.

Is At Last! just another soup company?

No way! We are small, family owned business; have been since day 1. Thats what makes us so different from the rest of the guys; well that and the fact we make probably the best soup and sauces around. But dont let the small size fool you; we ship our products nationwide to customers with one small deli to retail operations with hundreds of locations. For example, all things considered a customer could call today and get their soup in a day or so. Thats the kind of personal service you just cant seem to find anymore.

Where is At Last! located?

Were located just southeast of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. In the same building weve always been in; why, you ask, havent we moved onwards and upwards. Because Ray and Janet took a chance on this neighborhood a long time ago (the Seward neighborhood in south Minneapolis) that had seen better days. Some other companies and residents did the same thing and it worked, the neighborhood is now as alive and vibrant as any, and we think thats pretty cool( and maybe we had just a little to do with it too!)

How much do At Last! products cost?

The cost of our products varies about as much as the products themselves. Generally speaking, most of our soups and sauces run about .07-.15 an ounce, fob At Last! dock, but you would have to speak to your food distributors representative for specific, delivered prices.

Our FILL IN THE BLANK WITH YOUR FAVORITE SOUP is our top selling item. We couldn't possibly change the recipe because we have customers that come specifically for it. However, we have consistency issues. Can At Last! help us in any way?

Yes!! Our r and d department can match your recipe and package it as fresh-frozen ready to serve . From soups, sauces, marinades, to chilies our chefs can work directly with you to develop exactly what you need. Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

I need a vegetarian soup, do you have one?

We have a full line of vegetarian soups.

Who carries At Last! products?

We have many broadline distribution partners across the country including: SYSCO and US Foodervice, and other regional distributors. Contact us or your Regional Sales Manager or broker for the specifics in your area.

Do At Last! products come frozen?

Yes. At Last! soups, chilies, sauces, gravies are shipped frozen. Since our products are quick frozen right after cooking they taste the same way as they did right out of the kettle; one day, a week or month later. Ask yourself a question, would you eat a soup that was made 30 days, 60 days..120 days earlier and been sitting in your fridge? Thats what we thought.

Do you just heat the product in the bag?

Our chilies, sauces and soups are ready to use and can be heated in the bag. Our products are best prepared in a steam kettle.

How many varieties does At Last! have?

At Last! has nearly 100 soups, chilies, sauces and gravies that we make on a regular basis. But, and this is a big one, our catalogue of recipes goes back 15 years remember. We have up to 500 different time tested, proven soups; if you can dream up a soup, we can make it. The same way, everytime.

What do you add to the Alfredo?

The Alfredo and all the other sauces, entres, and chilies are ready to serve. Nothing is added, you simply heat and serve.

If I use your soups instead of making my own from scratch, how can I say I serve "homemade soups"?

At At Last! we make our soups from scratch too. Our products are the same as what you make at home, just in bigger batches. We build the soups for you, but you have to finish cooking them to ensure that homemade flavor and appearance. Each soup, sauce or gravy is prepared by one chef, in fact, if you wanted to, you could call and even ask which chef made your soup. Thats what we mean by personal.

Where can I find your product?

Just about anywhere you look. You can find our soups, chilies and sauces in grocery stores, warehouse clubs, and restaurants. Grocery stores carry our soup packaged under a number of different brands in the refrigerated/frozen section and also serve our deli products in their hot soup area or behind the deli counter. To be honest, your favorite restaurant may be serving our soup right now and you didnt even know it; we like making soup and we believe there is no better compliment than for a customer to call it their own.

How much product does a case prepare?

All of our foodservice products are packaged in 32# cases; 4/8# bags (about 4 gallons) or 512 ounces; thats 64 8 oz cups of soup. Our retail products can be packaged in a boil in the bag pouch; from 10 oz up to 4 #s or in a deli cup style cup; from 10 oz up to 25 oz.