At Last! Gourmet Foods
Since November 5th, 1990...

Janet Barnes and Ray Chamberlain, wife and husband have owned and operated At Last! Gourmet Foods in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Through their inspiration we create handcrafted gourmet soups and sauces for the top restaurants and retailers in Minnesota as well as nationally.

Our hands-on approach in both crafting our products and servicing our clients is truly what defines us.

At Last! Gourmet Foods
A Complete Partner

As a partner we take pride in the fact that we work with you through the entire process. From recipe development to product preparation and logistical coordination, we will ensure the soup you want your customers to have is the soup they receive every time - on time.

Our Facilities

Our custom built facility is in the heart of the historic Seward neighborhood in South Minneapolis. At Last! Gourmet's state-of-the-art production facility features a unique cooking process and packaging technology that allows us to quickly cool and then freeze products for an immediate "flavor capture". All of our products are delivered to you frozen from our facility so they can be prepared quickly and conveniently whenever you want.

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